Architect + Narrative

The problem:

One of GateHouse's goals is to do journalism with impact. For many newsrooms, the least impactful digital experience is the one produced by their print-focused content management system.
Similarly, national advertisers see GateHouse as an attractive audience, but seek hand-built and rich advertising experiences that weren't being delivered on traditional platforms.

My solution:

I worked closely with newsrooms around the country to develop an easy-to-use, elegantly-styled WordPress template that allows storytellers the freedom to break out of their limiting CMS and create a stellar digital story. By including Google Analytics and Doubleclick for Publishers tags, newsrooms of all staff size and digital experience can create impactful stories without losing anything.

Additionally, I worked with the GateHouse specialty content/native advertising team to develop an advertising platform that allows for the efficient creation of rich, interactive experiences. It's as easy to use as Architect and creates an advertising product that is competitive in the national market — plus, it tracks metrics in a custom, owned dashboard.

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Amazon HQ2

The problem:

Amazon had just announced that they were looking for a city to be their second headquarters. The short list included several GateHouse Media markets, and we needed a way to tell the story of their choice without overwhelming readers with numbers.

My solution:

I worked with a team of two data reporters and a designer to create a game from Amazon's decision. Based on information contained in Amazon's RFP, we established seven drivers that the user ranks to start the game.

A unique challenge in this project was creating an experience that allows the reader to make their own guess at the outcome, but still produce a game that is data-based and informative. To accomplish this, I wrote an algorithm that weights certain factors differently than others. This allows for a fully interactive experience that still tells a great story.

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In the Shadow of Wind Farms

The problem:

For the GateHouse innovation team's first big project, we had to create a digital story presentation that was above and beyond what was being created in local news. The story of the wind industry in America is detailed and complex, and we needed to find a way to immerse the reader in the information beyond text and video.

My solution:

There's some traditional elements in this story: text, big photos, maps and video. After creating that foundation, I worked with a designer to build storytelling layers that more fully engage the reader with the content. The photos in the text 'stick' with the reader as they scroll, to provide more context and engagement with visuals. The story queue allows each reader to decide how many additional stories they want to read, without making the initial page load too heavy. The immersive shadow flicker gives a striking sense of what it can be like to live on a wind farm.

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